World men day on 19 October. The men also have pain

World men day on 19 October. The men also have pain

International men’s day

World men day In our social environment, from childhood, men are taught to be fearless and physically strong. His image has been so constructed that we cannot belive that ‘man also hurts’.

We believe that there is no tenderness in them, while there are many important relationships in our life such as father, brother, lover, and husband, who have a special contribution to our achievements.

So why don’t you understand their importance in their lives, also understand their problems! it is not about masculine versus feminist thinking, it is about evaluating each other’s feelings.

International Men’s Day! You must be wondering, what happens on any such day? And even if it does, then why is there a need for it does, then why is there a need for it. In this male-dominated society, every day belongs to men. He only carries on everything.

Why is the crowd any special day for them? Hey sir, men are also human, so obviously it hurts them too. They are also tried. Are upset and sad. The only difference is that if someone expresses that pain. He covers her inside. This does not make people see his pain.

Dullness does not end

Our society is male-dominated, meaning it is dominated by men here. But this does not mean that men have no problem. The truth is that men are also victims of discrimination, exploitation, and inequality.

if he wants to celebrate the style of the missed day after being knocked like a bull in the office for five-six days in a week, Mrs. Ji says, One day you stay at home and in that you also have family No time for.

then from the next day, tiffin in hand and laptop in the neck, legs reach the office. sometimes there is a rift between the mother-in-law, then they are seen as crushed between the two. Listen to the wife, then says Mataji.

‘joru ka Ghulam’ and listen to mother, then the wife says- ‘Mother’s dear.’ the expectations of these most oblivious children from a father is his place. it is the work of all the chicks for the ‘superman papa’ of children. Then if the children do not read or do devils, There are a lot of daily challenges in the way of men, which have to be crossed just like the stop of KBC.

‘Men’s day’ begins in India

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Jirom Tilak Singh of Trinidad Tobago, UNESCO declared the year 19 November as International Men’s Day. Its introduction in India goes to Bengaluru writer, lawyer, and advocate of gender equality, Uma Challa, who is also the mother of two children.

this day was organized in India for the first time in the year 2007. However, he was not aware of celebrating this day at the international level.

He started it in India as part of his non-governmental organization ‘save the Indian Family Foundation’ against the discrimination against him on the legal plea of men’s rights.

when he started working for men’s rights in India after completing his Ph.D. in biology from America, he also formed the ‘All India men’s welfare Association’. Earlier, on 7 February 1992, this day was celebrated in some countries after the efforts of Prof.

Thomas of Missouri University of America. By the year 1995, in those countries too, poor man’s day fell on his face. But now it is being celebrated openly in more than 70 countries in the world. On this day, the problem of men is discussed openly.

World men's day

Attempt to change attitudes towards men

This time is the theme of this day. ‘making changes for men and boys’. its purpose is to tell the world about the health of men and children, gender equality and ideal men. A celebration of the achievements of men in celebration of men in the country and the world.

in many families, they play their responsibility, men are seen with ridicule despite hard work. Due to hurting their self-esteem, many men commit to suicide For the purpose of protecting his own dignity, Dr. jirom raised his voice in favour of the men by giving the Vedic figures. He succeeded in trying to celebrate men’s Day again.

Men are also victims of discrimination

True, a men’s life is incomplete without a woman, but it is also true that a woman’s life will be incomplete without a man. A man is not only a partner to bring a small life into the world, but as a father, his whole life achieves all the happiness of the world for his children

. He brings the whole family to live in an important character like a father, brother, friend. The demand for the creation of a Ministry of Woman and Child Development has been raised in India. The All India Men’s Welfare Association had also demanded the creation of a National Men’s Welfare Association had also demanded the creation of a National Men’s Commission a few years ago, although the decision has not been taken yet.

Approximately 70 per cent of the required men have been killed. About 76% of men commit suicide. Domestic hunting also accounts for 40% of the men. Everyone Knows that Woman’s Day is celebrated on 8 March.

Key Fact…

  • They meet everyone’s recommendations And don’t even mention own needs, Yes these boys are the only ones They have responsibility on their shoulders, but not tell anyone, Heart is full of the sea, but in the eyes. There is never moisture. Boys life is not as easy as we think.

  • The big or small shoulders of the house are always filled with responsibilities, for the sake of their own family, they stay away from their loved ones, the family members should be no problem, so every time they say ‘i am fine’ weeping the girl in farewell And there is nothing special about his leaving home. And the boy’s life is not as easy as we think.

  • The ability to remain calm in any solution is amazing in them, the attitude of thinking and understanding things is also unmatched, they do not lose their patience on small matters, but it does not mean that they do not have pain.

  • In 2009, for the first time in India, an international brand of clothing offered corporate sponsorship of Men’s Wear promoting Men’s day. On this occasion, the movie channel HBO ran a series of films like ‘Men in black’.
  • In November 2014, there was a widespread protest in Kolkata to protect the rights of men.
  • Many activists related to men’s rights raised the question that men are denied sexual rights and in the case of divorce, the father is often denied the custody of children.
  • world Toilet Day is also celebrated on 19 November worldwide. 892 million people are still forced to defecate in the world. The purpose of World Toilet Day is to make people aware of the use of toilets. Celebrate World Toilet Day along with World Men’s Day! it is a part of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Let us understand, celebrate, honour these days.

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