What is the webinar? How do you ask any of your questions on the webinar?

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Webinar Definition

The webinar is primarily one such platform. where you are told about the online discus and internet world. Its program is shown on the internet. so that the online user can participate in it, and there is no one to judge you on the webinar. it is an online process where you are directly connected to your computer and it gives you a chance to ask your question openly is, therefore, it has been prepared. apart from this, there is also the presence of physical audiences.

Event organize in Webinar

  • web event
  • webcast
  • web lecture
  • online seminar
  • virtual event

Features of webinar

  • Text chat
  • multidirectional conference
  • sharing video and presentation
  • whiteboard
  • polls and surveys
  • desktop sharing as a presenter
  • recording broadcasts to watch later

How to use a webinar

the webinar can be used for everything from Education to business and corporate training.

Webianr’s online education.

if you are a teacher, you can reach a wider audience of students, so that they do not have to spend their time and money. users can tune into your webinar from anywhere.

the businessman is primarily his employees. let’s use a webinar to train and update. in today’s fast-paced world, only those who keep up with the latest trends in the industry are able to achieve success.

What is required to use in a webinar

To use webinar software, you must have a laptop or desktop. also, you must have a high-speed internet connection.

  • webinar software
  • laptop, desktop
  • internet connection
  • camera
  • speakers, Headphone
  • microphone
  • webinar hosting system

Advantages of webinar

  • The webinar is convenient for both presenters and attendees. a webinar is becoming popular every year.
  • webinar makes it possible to hold conferences and meetings at any time and any place. anyone can participate in a webinar on a business trip or vacation, without any work or simply staying at home.
  • ¬†webinar saves both time and money.
  • ¬†there is no one to judge you on a webinar, this is an online process from where you are directly connected to your computer and it gives you the opportunity to ask your question in a freeway. here you can ask your question in two ways by write and speak.
  • through a webinar, you can do your favorite course or ask any of your questions, for this you will not have to pay any money, all will be done on your computer.

How to participate in webinar

To participate in the webinar, you have to create an account by going to this software.

  • google hangout
  • webinar on air
  • skype
  • cisco webEx
  • mega meeting
  • on-stream
  • gotowebinar
  • ready talk
  • any meeting

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