What is Marburg virus? Symptoms, treatment, and how to avoid this virus

What is the Marburg virus?

Marburg virus is a serious and highly fatal disease. Which is caused by a virus of the same family. Which causes the Ebola virus. These viruses are known to infect humans. both diseases are rare, Two major outbreak occurred simultaneously in Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany and in 1967 in Belgrade, Serbia, early detection of Marburg virus disease.

How does it spread

This virus was first spotted in Uganda. 8 December 2017-Uganda has successfully controlled the outbreak of the Marburg virus. and its spread was halted only a few weeks after it was first discovered. within 24 hours of being reported by Ugandan health officials in early October, W-H-O deployed a rapid response team to the remote mountainous region. the organization released the USA $623000 from its contingency Treasury to finance immediate aid and response scale. so that those who have been infected with this virus. they could survive.


Severe Hemorrhagic manifestations develop between 5 and 7 days in many patients, and in fatal cases, there is usually some form of bleeding, often from multiple areas. Vomiting and fresh blood in the stool are often accompanied by bleeding from the nose, gums, and vagina. spontaneous bleeding at venipuncture sites can be very excruciating.

  • Fever
  • Pat pain
  • body pain
  • Bleeding out
  • Muscle pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea


Supportive care-Rehydration with oral or intravenous fluids -and treatment of specific symptoms improves survival. no treatment is available for the Marburg virus yet.

How to escape from this virus

While taking care of patients suffering from the Marburg virus, saliva, blood, or substances extracted from the body should be avoided. Do not eat infected animal meat. Do not keep any infected bird or animal at home. this can also put you at risk of infection. Wear gloves before ever touching an infected animal.

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