Longewala war. Border movie shooting location

Longewala war. Border movie shooting location

Border movie shooting location

Indian army used to sit here and fight
Longewala war

Border movie

Longewala war The major Kuldip Singh chandpuri who was roll play by sunny Deol in border movie has passed away. his army displayed unmatched bravery in the 1971 battle of longewala. a border movie was set on this war. major chandpuri showed exceptional leadership due to which he was awarded Mahavir chakra by the government of India.

Longewala war

The 1971 war between India and Pakistan was about to end. meanwhile, on December 4, major Kuldip Singh chandpuri received information that a large number of Pakistan 2000 army moving towards longewala outpost. major Singh chandpuri was led by the army which was responsible for the security of longewala post.

Pakistani tank shells were started to show. the Indian troops also prepared for a counter-attack and started firing with a recoilless rifle and mortar mounted on the jeep. it was such a powerful action that the Pakistani army and barely 100 personnel in the Indian army contingent, yet their strength was strong. by nightfall, 12 Tank of Pakistani were destroyed and chased away Pakistani troops 8 kilometres away. the water on Pakistan’s plan was restored. Pakistani soldiers intended to reach Jaisalmer via Ramgarh, but they had to retreat far ahead.

Throughout the night, a handful of Indian Soldiers fought back strongly against Pakistan. the next day, that is on 5 December 1971, with the sun rising in the morning, the air force aircraft arrived at Helf the Indian soldiers. Indian air force aircraft wreaked havoc on Pakistani tanks and troops. The Pakistani army was forced to run backwards. the next day 6 December, the army of airforce wreaked havoc again. as a result, a whole brigade and two regiments of Pakistan were out wiped out.

India Pakistan
Indian army Pakistani army
1.Brig. E.n. Ramadoss
 2.Lt.col Mohammed Khursheed Hussain
 3.Major Kuldip Singh chandpuri
4.Capt.dharam veer
5.Captain Bhairon Singh
6.Wg. Cdr. M.s Bawa
7.Wg.cdr. ra cowasjee
 8.Wg.cdr. Sherwin Tully
9.Major Atma Singh
1. brig.gen Tariq mir
2. Brig. Gen. Jahanzeb abab
3. Brig. Gen. Syed Mohammad Zaidi
4. Lt. col. Zahir Alam khan
power power
120 soldiers
4 hawker hunters
1 jeep mounted m40
recoilless rifle
Hal hf-24
2000 soldiers
1 mobile infantry
45 tanks
death and loss death and loss
2 soldiers killed
1 anti-tank destroyed.
200 soldiers killed
36 tank lost
500+ vehicles destroyed.

Result:- decisive Indian army victory

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