Air pollution (2020): increases the risk of blindness.

Air pollution (2020): increases the risk of blindness.

Air pollution increases the risk of blindness. Being blind due to living in highly polluted areas may increase the risk of a recent This has been claimed in research. Researchers found that more polluted clean among people living in areas Than those in the area Glaucoma (eye disease) Risk of being increased by six percent goes.

Blood vessels are narrowed

60 million people worldwide have glaucoma is suffering from a disease. Ten of these Percent people have lost their sight. this Disease of cells present in the retina comes from being dead.

Half a million in the UK And 27 million people in America struggling with illness. of scientists Believe that due to air pollution Blood behind the retina cells become dead due to narrowing Or are directly related to any toxic chemical veins get damaged in the eyes Are Scientists said that micro-pollutions Elements that emanate from vehicles and industries They go to the lungs through breath and Mix in blood.

Protective blood arteries in blood Tend to narrow the nerves and This increases the blood pressure. University Researchers from college London of data of 111,370 participants Analyzed. This data UK biobank And these participants Eye checkups from 2006 to 2010 were done in the middle of.

After this Residence information of participants Depending on the level of Air pollution was compared. Those who pollute the most Lived in the area of Glaucoma The danger was six percent higher.

Patients with increasing glaucoma

One person out of 50 is 40 years old signs of glaucoma visible at age Are ignore it at this stage are given. Right there, 75 years old 10 out of 50 people with glaucoma. Are being hunted. of researchers Belive that as the population grows older in the coming years The number of patients with glaucoma will increase.

Retina becomes thinner

more people living in polluted areas Retina fry enough in other people were thin. This is the most common form of glaucoma is considered the primary symptom. Chief Researcher Professor Paul Faster said, we have seen in our research that air pollution why even a more serious subject Must understand.

other health-related Cases with eye health it is also important to stay away from air pollution is our research involves air pollution and a relationship between glaucoma has been found. still need to do more research so that it can be detected that the Air Pollution causes glaucoma.

Air pollution

In the 1950s, a series of episodes with very high air pollution impacts and communities.

In th3e 1950s, a series of episodes with very high air pollution impacts and communities, but as to believe that people were dying on high air pollution days or weeks. And that led to an understanding of there’s probably more going on than just these long effects.

The lung effects are real, that people, for example, do have more risk of a have an asthma attack if they have asthma on a day with higher air pollution concentrations.

we’ve also learned that there’s an effect of air pollution on the cardiovascular system, and we’re learning more about other systems, and we’re learning more about other systems as well.

when a day has higher IQ, say particulate matter air pollution concentrations, the blood pressure will be a little higher. the sympathetic nervous system will be firing a bit more blood pressure will go up, heart rate will go up There’s something about air pollution that makes those plaques in the coronary arteries or the carotid arteries more inflamed, more vulnerable to triggering a heart attack and stroke on a higher pollution day.

We now that living in a place with higher pollution concentrations accelerates the rate of atherosclerosis, this underlying process that leads to heart attacks and strokes. what we’re seeing in the US isn’t exactly been parallel around the word.

in rapidly industrializing countries, air pollution concentrations have risen dramatically in the last 10 years. in some places, there’s some idea that might be turning the corner a little bit.

But in places like in India and other rapidly industrializing countries, the levels of air pollution haven’t yet begun to turn around and still seem to be increasing in China levels have been extremely high for some time. And we’re hopeful that with a reduction of reliance on coal burning, that we’ll see some improvements.

As we’ve reduced concentrations of air pollutants in the United States, pm 2.5, oxides of nitrogen, that we’ve improved health, and there’s good evidence that these reductions have resulted in an improvement of health. We know that these lower concentrations are proper.

We don’t know if we’ve gotten as clean as we need to, and there’s probably still almost certainly room for improvement in our quality. There are always bad air days, and there are still some parts of the country that comply with federal regulations. And we don’t know yet how clean we need to go. we always know there are more pollutions going on, even in unused areas.

On dirty days, and there should be. what we’re learning is that these air pollution health effects appear to lead to continuous processes over the life span. so, just as throughout adulthood, living in more polluted areas seems to promote atherosclerosis, this hardening of the artery, the risk factors for heart attack, and stroke.

we’re also worried about exposures even in utero, about air pollutant exposures and whether those can cause things like more high blood pressure in childhood, more risk of another chronic disease throughout the lifespan so thinking about air pollution thinking about those risks is an issue across the entire lifespan.

Of course, pregnant woman are concerned about many things, and thier effects on the developing fetus, the child growing within them. Thing exposures to air pollution can be part of that mix of things that they need to be concerned about.

Recent data showing that women with higher air pollution exposures during pregnancy had effects on the child’s blood pressures in the future, and other health effects on the children mean that’s something people need to be thinking about during pregnancy,

just as they are later in life As we’re learning more about these air pollution, health effects, and we’re learning about the how air pollution seems to trigger this chronic disease, inflammatory processes in the body, we’ve learned that even it seems to increase accelerate another chronic disease we’re still learning more about this, but there’s reason to be concerned.

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