80,000 Cancer Patients are death stroke

80,000 Cancer Patients are death stroke

Cancer Patients are more at risk of stroke death. people who are cancer victims or cancer They have been treated, common among them Stroke then people it is more likely to die. this The matter was revealed in a study is More than 70 million users in the study Assessed patients data in which the deadly forms of the disease was identified Relationship between cancer and stroke

Relationship between cancer and stroke

Pennsylvania state of America University researchers National Cancer Institute Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results program (Cer) collected data from. in this, About 28 per cent of America Cancer cases of population, their survival, treatment, age and disease information of the year was included This study showed that people who have cancer or cancer Are alive after treatment, among them Risk of brain stroke Times over.

This study nature in a magazine called communications Has been published. More than 70 lakhs from SIR’s data information of patients was collected. in this, patients suffering from fatal cancer was detected. This cancer out of the issue was spread. He said breast cancer, prostate cancer and large intestine some parts of cancer are seriously Related to stroke.

Cancer Patients

More to low cancer patients Danger

At Pennsylvania State University Assistant on Radiation Oncology Professor Nicholas jetski said, Previous researches have shown that Most cancer patients with thier cancer Not dying, but some cause of death And is jockey further said that our The findings suggest that having a stroke To prevent these deaths Benefit from a screening program can. Also, help identify it For which patients will be found right it is possible.

The researchers said, 70 million cancer patients data They analyzed, among them More than 80,000 people died Had suffered a stroke. These include men and women to die of stroke The probability was the same. The study also It has been said that people who are young Cancer occurs, fatal in them a Higher risk of stroke it happens.

In cancer patients By stroke Likely to die More than twice Early cancer patients severe Having a stroke Greater risk of

More than 50 lakh people have died due to stroke

Causes of cancer in 2018, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) More than 9 million people died. while named The Lancet According to a study published in the journal, more than 5 million worldwide People died due to stroke. The researchers said that these two diseases may be related.

Omega-3s do not risk prostate cancer

Omega-3 is an important fat, which has many health benefits is known for But this someone Protecting the person from heart diseases whatever it is necessary for The question remains.

other than this Another question is Omega-3 prostate cancer risk increase Researchers heart for this Omega-3 on diseases and prostate cancer The potential benefits and risk of Researched to see.

This research intermountain in salt Lake city in Utah Heart disease Healthcare Heart institute Done by researchers. in research omega-3s to Prostate cancer Growth No threat found.

A study was done like this

Researchers American Heart in Philadelphia Association scientific session About Omega-3s in 2019 Among the studies that were presented, They identified 87 patients. These patients of omega-3 metabolites Plasma levels were also tested. in which Docosaccinoic acid (DHA) And eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) included.

These two are normal There are omega-3 fatty acids. The researchers when these patients 149 males of another group than of this, it was founds that omega-3 levels of prostate cancer risk increases were not associated. Researcher lee also clarified that omega-3s cause prostate cancer there is no danger.

More youthful malignancy patients more in danger.

Said Nicholas racer, a partner teacher of radiation oncology at Pennsylvania state college, past research has indicated that most malignant growth patients are passing on not from thier disease but since of death.

Scientists said that the investigation found that in excess of 80,000 individuals kicked the bucket of a stroke. among them, more are influenced by malignant growth at a youthful age.


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